Master Sergeant: Halo(s)

When I was

Young I dreamed of slaying

Dragons and rescuing princesses

In distress.

Flashing swords…high


Sacrifice for a greater cause.

Struck down in battle, a noble end.

I see princesses

Now and then, still.

Their Siren

Doesn’t seduce me the same way



Come and go

Unnoticed for what

They are.

I imagined they flew…raged and snorted fire.

Seems they simply sign papers.

They laid

Dave in the ground yesterday.

I wasn’t there.

He cast the same half-smile half-smirk

When he stepped off

A curb as when he stepped off the ramp.  Same chances either way, I guess.

I wonder if he had that

Same look when he left.

Struck.  Stroke. One of those.

Princesses or dragons?

I’ll never know which

One it was.

When I was young

I dreamed.

–        To A/2/11 SFG(A)

in memory of MSG David McCaughan,

one of the good ones  6-18-08


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