Object AND Subject of Mission

In our community, we live and die by the belief that among the most important conversions and transformations that can happen in a person’s faith is the movement from one who receives the Kingdom of God to being an agent of the Kingdom. The movement from being someone who receives a bag of groceries to being someone who gives a bag of groceries is the crucial difference between simple philanthropy and the mission of Jesus Christ, at least that is so in our experience. So we have become very intentional about creating opportunities for those who give to receive, and for those who receive to give. We do not want to slip down the rabbit hole of condescending giving. There are other movements that we have identified in making disciples who instinctively make disciples, but that movement is the first and most crucial. It doesn’t matter if the person has claimed to be a “Christian” their whole life; and it doesn’t matter whether a person claims to be “saved” or not. It’s not an issue of salvation after we die. It is an issue of salvation in this life – liberation in this life. It’s about discipleship-following Christ. We are trying to make disciples who make disciples because we believe that if a disciple isn’t making disciples, then they aren’t a disciple at all. “Follow me, and I will make you fishers of people.” Follow Christ, yes! And become good at fishing for people, yes! Both. Below is a testimony from someone who has been active in mission for some time. She is on fire for the Kingdom, but was missing a piece. I have heard literally thousands of stories like hers. Watch her mission multiply exponentially now! Here’s what she sent me:

“Thank you for your gift of time yesterday—as I drove back home about 8 last night, I decided I was going to call a couple of folks that use the food pantry and ask for their help. FIRST phone call was the only one I got to make—as I spoke to this woman, she started to cry and I mean CRY HARD. I thought I had totally blown it—I told her I certainly knew her time was valuable as I was aware she had at least 2 jobs and probably more I didn’t know about. Shie quickly told me that wasn’t a problem. She was crying because she felt “honored” by my request. GOOD GRIEF!!!! She said she had watched several of us meet in the local diner when she worked and wished she could /would be invited to help with whatever cause we were talking about. We talked on the phone for almost the entire hour it took me to get home. We are meeting late today at our church so I can show her our current set up for the food pantry and ask her opinion on quite a few things ( I have a list!!) While we talked, she also shared that she loves to read—I head up the summer reading program for kids at our local library—she expressed an interest in helping with that this summer. MAN this is good stuff!!!!!”

The Kingdom is storming the Gates of Hades!!



  1. Sam Said:

    Thank you for sharing that. I might have to take that “advice” as we are very short handed and I know there has to be a few in our neighbor that would like to give back also.

    In Christ,

    • Hey Sam, thanks for the feedback! Yeah, being short-handed is always a problem unless we embrace the reality that the workers that the Lord of the Harvest sends out into the harvest, come from the harvest itself. It’s common to have people have a conversion out at street ministry, and before the day is over, they’re leading others into the Kingdom and praying with/for them. Bang, out hell and into the mission of the Kingdom, not just into the Kingdom. From day one, they are multiplying.

      Our street ministry is really a prayer ministry where we happen to serve food and give out blankets. Prayer is mission. So we invite those we pray for to pray for us and others. And we do it right there that same day. Same with our feeding missions-they are staffed now by people who were once (and maybe still are) being fed. The trick is in realizing that we are not in charge and the we don’t have to control things. Faith is a movement, not an institution (as y’all also teach!), and the most effective spreaders of the movement, are the ones who are newest to it. I love what y’all do. We wouldn’t have a street ministry if God hadn’t put us in touch with y’all. I can’t wait to see y’all again in July! We are really looking forward to what God is going to do that week!

  2. Kris Kaneta Said:

    Awesome… What it says to me is that people are just waiting to be asked; to be acknowledged; to be seen and heard…and the only true barriers are the barriers that we, ourselves, create.

    BTW …I love what you’re doing with the blog.

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