She calls me “Son”;
He calls me “Max”.  He sings funny old
Songs, she laughs
A beautiful laugh.
Seventy years they’ve been
Together. Married. One.
Eons, seventy years together.
Like two old maples blown against each other by the wind, leaning hard and long,
Knotted and grown into each other’s bark;
Knit together like a wound
Long healed.
A love like steel: fired, hammered and folded over and over.
Once two stones washed together,
Now one; melded by the pounding surf.
Yet…there are separate
Places.  Peace. Their own
Space.  In the same
Room. Together. Married.

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For Ralph and Jane Weber, June 24, 2009 (by Max Ramsey)


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  1. Beautiful, Max — what a lovely anniversary gift!

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