A Plea for Assistance for Despensa de la Paz

A Plea for Assistance for Despensa de la Paz

As most of you know, I participate in a feeding ministry called Despensa de la Paz.  We are an emergency food pantry on the Southside of Milwaukee.  We are open for two hours every Saturday and average 40 clients each week, providing food for about 200 people each week.  You can do the math to understand the impact over a month or a year. According to statistics, our clients are among the least duplicated in our area.  In other words, we are apparently reaching the ones who are falling through the cracks.  That is what we are all about.  As most of you also know, our mission is to provide much more than food.  Our mission is to build relationships, connect people to benefits, and to offer hope.  Our mission is to open our clients’ eyes to the Kingdom of God at work in their midst. We do not shove Jesus down people’s throats in exchange for food.  We simply treat them as the treasure that they are, and offer them the opportunity to serve others with us.  However, we have been turned down for support by our local food bank, even though they were the ones who directed us to open in this area.  That provides us with a unique challenge and unique opportunity.

The challenge is that we are now desperately short of funds, and we need your help.  I am asking you to personally consider giving to this effort.  I am asking you to include Despensa de la Paz in your annual charitable giving.  I can assure you that every dollar you give will go directly to the mission, and your giving is tax-deductable.  We are completely staffed by volunteers, many of which were once or still are clients of our services.  Our expenses for food run about $1,000 per month.  Without you help, we will be out of business at the end of April.  In this time of high unemployment and financial distress, the demographic that we serve is among the hardest hit.  We provide food and clothing for a wide range of people from the homeless to the working poor.

The opportunity that has been laid before us is that since we do not have access to Federal or State issued funds or commodities, we are not bound by their restrictions.  We do not have to limit what we can give out by guidelines written by people who deal with averages and aggregates.  We know our clients by name and are involved in their lives.  We know that there are times when their real needs fall outside of the guidelines dictated by Federal and State agencies, and because we do not have to adhere to those guidelines, we can meet the genuine needs of people who do not match statistical averages .  In other words, we can serve the people who fall through the cracks.  But we cannot do that without the help and generosity of amazing people like all of you.  I am posting this here because I know all of you personally, and I know you all to be people of great compassion.  Some of you have been looking for ways to connect your compassion and generosity to something that is having a genuine impact.  You need only visit us to see the impact that Despensa is having.  If you would like to give to this cause, you can do so in either of two ways.  You can either make your check out directly to our parent charity – Freidens Communtiy Ministries (a 501(c)3 charity) or through my church (Immanuel-Brookfield, also a 501(c)3 entity).  Either way, please mark your check with “Despensa de la Paz” in the memo blank and include an address to which we can send you a receipt for your taxes. Either way you make out your checks, you can mail them to:

Immanuel-Brookfield, c/o Pastor Max Ramsey

4250 N. 137th Street

Brookfield, WI 53005

I will make sure that they get to the proper source agency ASAP.  I cannot thank you enough for taking the time to read this note, and consider the urgency of this request for financial support.  I also ask you to consider reposting this on your Facebook page so that your friends might have the opportunity to participate, too.  Thank you.  May you be richly blessed in the same way that you richly bless us by considering Despensa in your charitable giving.


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