Death Throws

Death Throws

I watched her swallow her snarl.

She caught it between her teeth.

But it came back out as sobs.  Lost its edge, though.

He sat crossed legged, and cold-eyed. Dug in hard,

Willing to swap their union for some

Chump-change right-or-wrong.

Agony clashes with denial, they can’t be worn in the same room.

Their tiny grinning-seraph baby girl lashed them

Together, clasping hands in both directions.

But her life bled out through clear plastic tubes

At 3:20 one afternoon.

Now he sits opposite her,

Neither moving, yet each reeling past the other

Over and over,

With no idea who the other is.

Fourteen years together, and now

Total strangers.

He snubbed her sentiment,

Swimming against his own eddy.

Whitewater suffering swirling around the drain

Of woe, threatening

To suck him down.

Frantic arms and legs spread wide to keep from going

Down that hole.

She’s already down there


And he can’t stop pretending she’s still in the room.

(By Max Ramsey 5-25-07)


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