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The thumping of God’s own heart.

Why does love tear us so?

It drags our souls across the jagged edges

Of shattered things.

It’s close enough to hear.

Unearthing its fountainhead?

From whence does that honey-bread

drumbeat come?

Those answers will cost you.

(by Max Ramsey)


Four Things That the Mission Doesn’t Care About


The mission doesn’t care who gets the credit.


The mission doesn’t care who donates the funds.


The mission doesn’t care what color the carpet is.


The mission doesn’t care what your traditions are, and it doesn’t know what “dogma” means.

Rather than tell you what I mean by this, or what our experience tells us, I invite all of you to consider these things, and let us know what YOUR experience tells you.  What do YOU think these mean?  Feel free to speak your mind.  The only thing I ask is that you own your statements – no “anonymous” quotations here.  Let’s learn together.