Less Than $10. There are no Excuses.

Less Than $10. There are no Excuses.

A mission partner in Galveston, TX named Darren Smith (some of you may know his ministry – Streetscape Ministries. If not, you should. Google it. Support it.), taught us another really awesome $10 mission opportunity.  Get yourself a roll of quarters and go down to the Laundromat.  Laundromats are places where the “least of these” can be found on a regular basis.  Think about the last time you needed to do laundry at Laundromat.  Where were you financially? Spiritually? Emotionally?  What do you think the Samaritan woman was doing at the well in the middle of the day in John 4?  Getting water for what?  Take that roll of quarters to the Laundromat along with a load of clothes for your local clothing ministry, and while you’re doing clothes for that mission, offer to pay for someone else’s laundry who looks like they are having to save pennies to do their load. Tell them that God blessed you with the extra change, and that no blessing from God is ever for us alone.  If they are having to spend their saved change on laundry, then by you offering to pay for it for them, they can spend their change on something else they need…or even just on a treat for themselves.  If you don’t think people need to treat themselves every once in awhile, then make sure that you never treat yourself to anything ever again.  If they don’t “need” a treat, then neither does anyone else.   The change is just a bona fides – a way to start a conversation of care.  The real mission is prayer.  Learn a name and burden your heart with them for a few weeks.  Adopt them into your spirit and into your prayer life.  Listen to them.  Invite them to come and help you give out the clothes at the clothing mission.  Change a life by inviting the person into your life.  Less than $10. There are no excuses.

No Laundromat nearby? Here’s another option. Martin Luther King, Jr. Park is just across the street from the State Social Services building in the city where we do street mission.  As such, the park is often filled with folks who are down on their luck seeking a little help and a little hope.  We have been in the midst of a heat wave here, and it is difficult to imagine the value of a drink of cold water in that heat to a person who is out of money, out of food, out of options, and left out of doors.  We don’t have much money to support our mission to this park, but for under $10 we can fill a cooler with bottled water and ice, and we can take that down to the park and offer it to anyone who wants it.  It gives us a chance to learn their names, and to pray for them or even with them.  The water is just our bona fides – a way to start a conversation of care.  The prayer is the real mission.  Let’s talk for a just a second about “real value”.  That bottle of cold water cost less than $1, probably less than $.50.  But what is its “real value” to a person who has literally nothing? $.50 might as well be $10,000.00.  Cold water is not something that the homeless have access to.   John 4:10 relates, “Jesus answered her, ‘If you knew the gift of God, and who it is that is saying to you, ‘Give me a drink,’ you would have asked him, and he would have given you living water.’” If we pay close attention, we will notice that is in the giving of a drink of water that we finding ourselves being filled up with “living water”.  Less than $10. There are no excuses.



  1. Sam Said:

    Thank you for this reminder. It is usually the “small” things that make the biggest impact. We just have to be available, not able, for the Holy Spirit to utilize. Thanks Max and keep up the great work!!

  2. Ron Said:

    Thanks for seed ideas, Max. Now that you got us thinking small, I am wondering what other under $10 missional ideas we can come up with.

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