What Does Missional Church Look Like? Take 20.

What does missional church look like?  Today it looks like hot dogs, cheeseburgers, walking tacos, and joking around.  We raise funds for our street ministry and our food pantry by selling concessions at a local football program’s home games.  A missional principle that we strictly adhere to is that the mission always has to pay for itself.  Only one-third of any mission’s funding can come from within our walls, or else we aren’t including the harvest in reaching the harvest.  After a set period of time that is established in the mission plan, each mission must find ways to completely fund itself out of the harvest.  Our entire unified budget is less than $120K, and yet we regularly do $100-$150K in mission each year.  People who may not be able to participate in our missions in a hands-on way, can participate in it by funding them through these efforts.  Everyone who talks and jokes around with us, buys a hot dog or cup of coffee, or helps us sell them is participating in the Kingdom of God.  We don’t wear our church logo, and we don’t speak “Christianese”.   We just try to treat people like the treasure that they are.   This gives us an opportunity to do that. The generosity of people is truly amazing, especially when they understand that what they are participating in is goodness, not merely a snack.  Selling concessions is one example, and it gives us a way to tell people about the mission, to invite them to get involved, and to just give them a reason to smile.  So…this isn’t just “fund-raising”.  It is, in itself, an opportunity for people to move from the object of the mission to the subject in a very non-threatening way.  Luke 10:2 “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few. Pray the Lord of the Harvest to send more workers into the harvest.”  If the mission doesn’t fund itself out of the harvest, we do not support it.  So, if the Church is the Body of Christ, doing Christ’s work in the world, and all of these people are participating in that, how big is Christ’s Church? Bigger than we can even imagine.


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  1. Sam Said:

    LOVE IT! I especially love the way you question people how/why this affects their beliefs.


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