We Give Ourselves Away Part I

We give ourselves away.  It is a crucial concept in our missional model. It’s not our idea or even our words.  We were taught them by someone else from another missional community.  But they stuck.  We call the words “seeds of the Kingdom”.  The principal is based on Jesus’ statement that to find oneself, a person has to lose themselves.  We give away our favorite things, or most potent learning, our most precious activities of the Kingdom.  In a world where knowledge is power, it makes no sense to give it away freely.  But in God’s Kingdom, it makes perfect sense. We give our treasures away because giving them away multiplies them, and allows us to move on and restart something new.  It also allows others to participate and thrive in the Kingdom in the ways that we cherish the most.  What would multiply if we only gave away the crumby stuff? If it is hugely fun for us, it will be hugely fun for others.  We don’t give away the mopping jobs – no Tom Sawyers here.  We give away the fun stuff.  If it is a blessing to us, it will be a blessing to others.  Why do we do it? Because Jesus told us to.  And because we trust God.  We go by faith.

There are no “little kingdoms”, there is no personal territory.  Every perfect gift comes from above and is never for us alone (If it were then that would mean that every humiliation is for us alone, too.).  All territory is God’s.  All knowledge was given to us from God.  It’s all public, and it’s only holy if it’s shared with others.  The Kingdom is a movement, not a hierarchical institution.  We take credit for nothing except our mistakes. We try to hoard nothing, to hide nothing, to keep nothing back from others.  We don’t care about the power that comes from private knowledge because in the Kingdom of God, it’s all God’s power. If there is no power at stake, there is no need to gain leverage.  If there is no need to gain leverage, there is no need to throw others under the bus to make ourselves a big deal.  We are free.  It isn’t all worked out.  Stuff doesn’t work.  Things come apart. Competitiveness sneaks in.  But we try to live what we believe and ask others to hold us accountable to the effort. This video is exploring the way that people give themselves away in the mission.  These people give their precious Saturday mornings (their time off) away to God, and find the gift returned to them many times over.  It’s amazing what God can do if no one cares who gets the credit. One of the many mysteries of God’s present Kingdom.


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