What would the world be like if…?

I don’t think creation broke because Adam and Eve got duped by the apple-pusher in the Garden of Eden. I think the world broke because they forgot that love without responsibility isn’t love.  It’s addiction. I wonder what the world would be like if Adam and Eve hadn’t tried to blame each other…and the serpent.  “She gave it to me!”, said Adam, blaming Eve.  “What?!? He…You…Rats!…the serpent made me do it!”, said Eve, blaming the serpent. What would have happened if they had just fallen on their knees and said, “I have broken my world and my life is in ashes around me.  And I can’t fix what I have done.”?  What if they had owned their choices? What do you think would have happened? What kind of world would we live in if taking responsibility was the norm instead of the exception?


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  1. Suzan Said:

    This is so true!

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