The Kingdom of God at Work in a Heart for Christ

I have been repeatedly asked what missional church looks like, and I have tried to post some video snapshots of the Kingdom at work in the mission.  But sometimes a better question might be: “What does the missional church sound like?”  Through our networks I know a young lady (graduated from high school in ’09) who is on fire for Christ and has experienced frustration after frustration trying to find an outlet for her faith through traditional and institutional avenues.  She got pretty beaten up last summer in that effort.  But through it she has emerged with a new fire and has learned a new Way.  Here’s a snippet of how missional church networks function.  This is from a Facebook communication.  It might help you to understand how the network functions to be the Body for this young lady even though she is very far away, and how the Kingdom has created an opportunity for her to let her faith flow to suffering people.

Young lady writes (as written by her) to her prayer network:

“hey guys. tonight was the first night of homeless ministry for a college group that is forming at Community Bible Chapel Mt. Spokane. I’m a part of the leadership team and our vision is 2 weeks a month we will meet for fellowship, food, and worship, and then the other two weeks we will be doing homeless outreach. this week we made sandwiches and took out some pepsi and just walked around and made relationships with people. It was really cool. I ran in to a man named Randy, who when I got in to spokane was high, confused and begging for money of the streets. I’ve been praying for him, and buying him dinner (he loves jimmy john’s). He’s getting cleaned up and living in an alcohol and drug free christian apartment complex. its so awesome to watch God work on people.

anyways, I would love for all of you to keep our college group in your prayers on thursday nights. and just pray that the spirit opens people’s hearts to the love we are trying to show them and give them a curiosity about the source of our fire and passion for the ministry.”

Mission prayer network responds:

“This is what it’s all about, Allison!! You GO, girl! I am definitely in for prayers on this. I have some other ways that I can support you, too. Shoot me a mailing address. I have a couple of things I can pass on to your team.

BTW, I am doing some work for a group, kind of putting together a snap-shot of why people do what you are doing and how what you’re doing relates to faith. So…while I have you here, so to speak, what was the motive behind this change in your faith life and ministry? Are you reading scripture differently now than before? Was it somebody’s idea? How does this relate to your faith?”

Young lady responds:

“What was my motive? hmm, i don’t know if i have a specific motive. last year i was struggling a lot with self pity and selfishness. It was honestly one of those explosive special revelation moments where God showed me i just couldn’t live like that anymore. I acquired an extreme hunger for the word and ever since i can’t seem to find happiness in anything but giving my love for God away. It’s just really the most satisfying thing to me.”

Sounds like God is doing something amazing in this woman and those that she is doing mission with. Listen to the beating of her heart for Christ.  Let those with ears to hear, hear.  Please pray for this mission plant.  May it grow and bear good fruit.


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