Distractions – Which hill are you willing to die on?

A really wise friend and a fellow-traveler in the missional journey had some deeply meaningful words for a young lady in our mission network.  Westboro Church was coming to her campus and she wanted to know what some of us thought she should do about it.  If you don’t know who Westboro church is, Google them.  My friend, Dan Miller from a missional community and ministy in Saginaw, MI, offered the following to the young Christ-follower. Being in the middle of distractions and opposition myself today,  I found these words convicting and helpful.  I share them with you with his permission.  I hope they bless you as they blessed me.

“Allison, when you sell out to the mission like you have, opposition will become the norm. Remember this really is not your battle to fight. This battle belongs to the Lord. You have to decide a couple of things. Number one, when it comes to the mission, what battles are worth fighting, and which ones are not. Number two, you have to decide which hill you are willing to die on. You can decide to die on the hill where lives are won or lost for the kingdom, or the hill of distraction and politics that hinder the mission. This probably contradicts what you have learned growing up in the church, because the institutional church is willing to die on the hill of church politics that have little or no relevance in kingdom building. I believe you have already made that decision, and I believe you are willing to die on the hill of the mission. I personally have no fight left for anything other than the mission.

If you are caught in a situation where you are forced to engage in some debate with them, here is what I would consider. Number one clothe yourself in humility. Speak biblical truth without being confrontational. You know why you beleive what you believe. You know that judgement is the Lord’s to cast, and not that of any sinful man like the folks from Westboro. You know that God created everyone in his own image, and loves each one of them just the same. At the end of the day, do not waste too much time and energy debating with these people. Pray for this group of people from Westboro before they even arrive. Ask God for wisdom, and it will be given. Ask the Lord to give you the words to say at the moment they need to be shared and He will. Above all else keep your eyes on the mission, and the distraction will fall, but if you engage in the distraction, then the mission will fall. When David faced Goliath, he mentioned the giant twice, but he mentioned the Lord in some form or fashion nine times.

I love what you are doing, and what the Lord is doing in you. Keep doing what you are doing, and let God take care of the rest. God’s grace is sufficient for everyone, including homosexuals, and Christ died on the cross for everyone including them. Let us know how it goes.” – Dan Miller (Christ-follower)


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