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A marketing guy I know passed on a bit of wisdom that made me think about the content of our message as Christ-followers trying to participate in the Kingdom of God and spread the Gospel.  It’s simple.  It’s excruciating.  I think it’s also true.

“If it doesn’t spread, it’s not worth spreading.”

– Seth Godin

Any thoughts on this?


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  1. Kris Kaneta Said:

    Hi Max… I think this can be a tough one to interpret. Yes, good ideas spread and yes, good ideas are the ones worth spreading.

    But I struggle with the notion that “spreadability” is only a function of how good the idea is. Great ideas are born and abruptly die every day… That it didn’t spread may not be indicative of it’s quality but rather of its context.

    The idea could be great but it may not be in a context that impacts my world view. I find this is especially true in technology. The engineers go on and on about this spec or that byte but to the end user its all Greek. It may be a great idea but it has no relevance to my world view.

    I believe that putting good ideas out there is not enough. You’ve heard me say this before, but good ideas also have to be visible, accessible and relevant. Now you could argue it’s not a “good” idea until it has context but either way I think you get my drift.

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