Peace without Justice isn’t Peace

I keep hearing politicians and pundits saying that our moral values are at odds in Egypt with our immediate national interests. Hogwash. Our immediate national interest is God’s peace in the world as it is in heaven. That peace isn’t possible… without justice for the oppressed. At the same time that I hear these political types babbling this nonsense, I hear a little woman of Calcutta named Theresa saying, “It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.” Representative democracy doesn’t happen over night. It is the fruit of a journey that all who live in it have had to travel through.   The pundits keep saying that if Mubarek leaves too quickly, then a power vacuum will form that might be filled with something worse than Mubarek.  At first, I agreed with this thinking.  But seeing what the Apparatus of State in Egypt is doing right now to the people of Egypt, it now seems to me that the evil we know has to be worse for the innocent people of hope in Egypt than the evil we don’t yet know.  If we quake at the boogeyman, the boogeyman has already won.

Please, don’t let the people of Egypt fall off your radar. It is more dangerous right now for the pro-democracy protestors than it has been yet because the media focus is shifting away. The police state now knows the faces and names of the pro-democracy protestors, and their strategy seems to be to wait until the world turns away, and then to go an round these people up and make them disappear.  It is how police states work.  Journalists and human rights monitors are being arrested and disappearing right now.  Police are ransacking human rights organization offices. Protestors are being arrested and tortured and shot (unarmed and defenseless) on the street. Evil can only exist in the dark.  Stay on top of the situation.  Read everything you can.   Send e-mail to CNN and Fox News and MSNBC demanding that they keep covering the situation with interest and intensity.  We have every reason to be very afraid of what the world does not see.  The evil at work is not simply Mubarek.  It is much, much bigger and older and smarter than any simple human dictator. Please, keep the prayers up!!  In the end, it will be God who rescues Egypt.  But in the meantime, we have an obligation to bear witness.


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