I Can’t See You. I Have a Log in my Eye.

“During this time of difficult budget decisions at the state and federal level we call on our governmental leaders to fully recognize the needs of those with the greatest of life’s challenges:  the homeless, the hungry, the underemployed, the unemployed, those with no health care and those caught in the cycle of poverty.  Governmental fiscal needs ought not add to the burdens of the most vulnerable among us.”– A denominational leader’s letter on the topic of the current Wisconsin government’s conflict with its labor union and forthcoming budget cuts.


I love the author of this statement and respect this person immensely.  And while I don’t know their heart fully, I have found the author of this statement’s heart to be filled with compassion and goodness time after time.   I find that I do agree with the statement as it applies to the current situation, but I am wondering how convicting it would be for us if we sent it to ourselves as individual Christ-followers, and as individual churches.   I have to ask myself how much it would sting if we put into it our church or faith community’s name everywhere that it talks about governmental bodies.  Are we really leading from the front in caring for the people in harm’s way in our church budgets? How about in our denominational budgets? How about in how we prioritize our time and talents, as well as, our dollars? Is OUR primary concern and the last thing to be cut from our church budgets those items that sustain our care for the poor and vulnerable right outside our door?  Are our hearts desperate to meet the needs of the destitute and hurting people around us?  Do our stewardship campaigns and their underlying theologies add to the burden of the most vulnerable among us?  Do our lives really reflect these values that we profess?  After all, if we profess to be following Christ, then we are under a mandate on these matters that those who profess no such faith are not.  When every faith community lives out these priorities and reflects them in their own budgets in times of plenty and in times of want, then we may have some moral ground to speak from.  Until then, maybe we should see to the log in our own eye.  Mine included.


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  1. Sam Said:

    I will feel more apt to comment better after I have removed my log!! Ouch brother, you are right on target again!! Thanks for this reminder.


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