Remembering Horror – For Steve C.

Remembering Horror

Dark corners of memory, like cemeteries left

Untended, now grown over with ivy and moss are

Terrifying places to go a-visiting…especially when the Banshee beckons us


Alone and after dark.

How often do we drive by the graveyard in daylight thinking

That we ought to go and sit in silent homage

Among the sleeping souls, but then get overwhelmed

With trembling and just keep driving on past? Who knows

What legions of demons might be lurking in there

Among the stones?  The rusted wrought-iron gates

Now long left locked…do we even remember where we left the key?

Sometimes we have to go back to face

The horror

In order to go forward unchained from it, embracing full-well

The truth

That memories can swallow us whole.  Sometimes.

–        For Steve Caputo, friend and brother, February 25, 2011


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  1. AtomicSalami Said:

    Max, with you in my corner, those stones will always see light and the banshees always silent.

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