The Samaritan Woman at the Well Speaks

The Woman at the Well Speaks

(John 4:7 A Samaritan woman came to draw water, and Jesus said to her, “Give me a drink.”)

They told me he was dead.  They said the Romans killed him…but I know better.  The Romans might have done the deed, but it wasn’t the Romans he was a threat to. Jesus was all about reconciliation…making whole…sewing back together the torn garment of Israel.  Somebody has long benefitted from this separation.  Somebody has been benefitting from all of this hate.  The fact that their religion tells them that somebody always has to be an outsider in order to figure out who’s an insider is why I have to come to the well in the heat of the day instead of the cool of the morning. I have lived my whole life as a “second-class citizen”, and it was never the Romans who treated me that way. They treat everybody here equally bad.  It was the religious people.  It’s like they think that they’re somebody because we’re nobody.  It’s like they have to tell themselves, “At least I’m not a Samaritan”…like any of us chose our birth…so they can feel like they’re somebody in God’s Kingdom.  Show me that craziness in the Scriptures!!

Jesus was God’s own heart.  He was the Messiah.  He told me as much, and I believe it.  And he told me that one day all of this silliness and pettiness that separates us will be put aside, and we will all worship in one place…in Spirit and in Truth.  Jesus was a threat to the powerful religious people because they used lies about us to make us less than them…they made us, the Samaritans, an “issue” to keep the focus off of what really matters.  As long as the people were afraid of us…hated us…for what we represent…they need those laws of purity and separation.  And it is that fear…those laws of purity and separation that give the religious authorities their power…and how they maintain their wealthy lifestyles.  Those religious officials are the ones who enforce those laws.  So they keep themselves in power by keeping us less than human.  That’s who killed him.  The Romans might have hung him on that scaffold, but it was the powerful religious people that dragged him there.  He didn’t do things their way, so they killed him for it.

The funny thing is that in exactly the same way that I knew who Jesus was…even before Jesus told me, I know this story isn’t over.  God’s not through here yet.  And I still hear Jesus speaking to me.  His voice in me is even more clear now and he’s been dead for three days.  He’s dead…and he’s not dead.  I don’t understand it…but I know it.


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