Please, I Need Your Help

You can be the Difference

I am currently crying out to the Lord for help with something that I, alone, cannot do. I just don’t have the resources.  I have four committed people, no dollars, and not enough transportation.  It’s gonna take some more in all of those areas.  We have kids who are being swallowed up by their environment who have come to our mission looking for a hope…looking for something they probably can’t even name…looking for someone who will care enough to commit to them.  They are looking for someone to love them. They need to know that they are lovable, that their lives matter, and that their are things that they can do that will lead them to a life beyond the streets.  Their names are Nathan, RayRay, Cody, Demetrius, Austin, Alex, Jovani, Dominique, Yami, Cheyenne, Genevieve, Emily, Alyssa, Bobby, J.J., Chris, Cadyn, Conner, and Colby. They have hopes and dreams and gifts and talents, and they each have mountains to climb.  They are surrounded by negative influences that most us cannot imagine. No one makes it in this world unless someone with the power and position to help them make it steps up and does it.  If you have made it in this world, many people like that have done that for you. They don’t have sports programs, neighborhood programs, job skill training, tutors, relationship models, or adult mentors.  Often they don’t even know if they will have heat or lights or a place to sleep, or food to eat.  They don’t own a Bible, or any other book for that matter.  They get sent home from school because they don’t have the right shoes or the right calculator. They have real poverty, gangs, drugs, street violence, and abuse that are generations deep…and stories of the world that will not take them to life. They do not know that God’s Kingdom is all around them.  They have never seen it. Right now, I have the resources to work with them for two hours every other week.  That just isn’t enough.  So, I am crying out to the Lord, and to you.

Do you have room in your heart to let these kids in?  Can you drive a few of them once a week to and from an activity?  Can you cook for a gathering?  Can you provide games? Can you help to fund activities?  Can you give up a couple of hours a week to get to know these kids…to be available to these kids…to help them bear their burdens…to tell them an alternative story of the world that WILL take them life? Can you help to give them at least a chance of overcoming their circumstances …circumstances that they did not choose, but rather were simply born into?  Is there room in your heart and life for the hopes and dreams of even one of these kids? We do not have much time.  What is at stake for these kids is everything.  If we do not reach them soon with a path to something different, they will end up in gangs, in prison, pregnant too young, or dead.  THAT is their reality.  Can you help us give them a different reality? YOU can be the difference.  Please, pray about it and let me know if you not only CAN BE the difference, but are willing to COMMIT TO TRYING TO BE that difference.  I cannot promise you that some of these kids will not break your heart.  Some of them will.  I cannot promise you that things won’t be messy and disorganized. But I can promise you that what you do will matter right now, today. Please, I need your help.


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