Mustard Seeds – The $1 Mission

Mustard Seeds – The $1 Mission

For what it’s worth…a thought about mission and  “little” mustard seeds. Something that has borne fruit in our missions is to think always in terms of:

1) “disciples who make disciples”,

2) “participation on the subject and object spectrum”, and

3) “multiplication”.

Occassionally, as the Spirit leads us, we do something called the “$1 Mission”. We take an offering in worship of one dollar bills from everyone who will give one dollar. It usually amounts to a little over $100. We pray over it. And we put in the hands of a person in the pews that the Spirit leads us to. Included in the envelope with the money is a note that reads:

“God put it on our hearts that you were in need of this money and that we should entrust it to you. God also put it on our hearts to tell you that only two-thirds of it is for you. The other third is for you to give to someone else you know who is in the same kind of need that you are. Whether you give it or not is between you and God. This is not our money, It’s God’s, now placed in your hands. Ours is merely an act of obedience. May God use it to bless you and, through you, someone else that God is desperately trying to bless as well.”

We also included the positive side of the passage from Matthew 25: “When I was hungry, you fed me….As you do unto the least, so you do also unto me.” (Quoted in full though, without Matthew, chapter, or verses) The only stipulation made is that the envelope has to be given anonymously in way that the receiver could never know where it came from. Like I said, that has borne much fruit inside and outside our walls. Have fun! Peace.


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