Amazements and Learnings Part 3: Everett, guest blogger!

Dallas 11

Amazements and Learnings Part 3:

A Testimonial of Personal Witness from Everett

That’s Everett on the right in the photo above, with a young man from a youth program in the Kansas City area where we overnighted on our way to Dallas.  Everett is an awesome young man who has been laboring with us in the Kingdom at our food pantry and in our youth mission for a couple of years now.  This was his first trip with us, and his first hands-on experience of street ministry.  Here’s his testimony of personal witness from the Dallas trip.  Signs and wonders, baby!! – FartheroutNearerto

I would testify to what I experienced on the missions trip.

First off, I was a bit wary of being able to stand the same people being in so close (less than a few feet in the car) to me during the trip. I will say that by the end, I did not only grow sick of any of them but wanted to spend more time with them once the week was coming to a close.
Now, Max, you know that I have never done street ministry before. After seeing what, I dunno, I just guess what I have always done (being: walking up to random strangers saying, “Hey there man, what’s up?” and then adding “Do you want some soup? Sure? Awesome, just this way! Say, what’s your name?” etc.) be in action for the mission was very joyous for me. The first day I saw Kim the look on those wide eyes when I offered her a cup of soup and blankets was so prominent that this was genuinely Earth shattering for her. By talking with her and praying with her, it heart touching to see hope come into someone’s life, if only for the moment. That move to pray with someone has given me the experience to pray with random people that I may or may not know that I meet in my daily lives (I can recall two as of right now). Prayer, prayer, prayer. If there has been anything that I have taken away from the Week, it has been the drive for sincere prayer.

The more and more I think about how we were lead across the country to work with some tiny church in “whowhatwhere’sville” with a bunch of seminary students from some tiny little country of origin thousands of miles away from here that didn’t speak much of our language, the more I am lead to believe that this was too ridiculous for it not to be God’s hand at work.

I have always struggled in defining exactly what clique, social group, or tribe I was a part of so that I can interact for the Kingdom. In High school, I got along great with almost all of them. I hung out with the video game-retro crowd, joked with the jocks, discoursed with the Liberals, laughed with the Goths, partnered (for projects) with the Autistic, punned with the nerds, collaborated with the Artsy, paled around with the partiers, talked with the pot smokers, intellectualized with the high-minded, obliged the conservatives, sat with the “poorer” kids, and joked with the overprivileged. By communicating with and praying with Daniel, Jeon’s son, I am reminded of how well I got along with (nearly) everyone, but how strongly I desire to seek out those with Autism/CP/disabilities etc. I myself am not Autistic, nor do I have CP or Asperger’s or anything like that. But for whatever reason, I get along well with this group of often socially distraught and shy people. I believe that they teach me and, somehow, I teach them. Perhaps that was my tribe. I do not know. For whatever it is worth, I know that I can reach this tribe to be invited into my tribe. I don’t know how in the world God wants to use Daniel to make disciples, but I pray that he does.

Also, the worship service on Wednesday night was spectacular.

Also, I now believe that God can lead people through feelings and other things to do His will, whatever it may be.


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  1. Sam Said:

    Everett – thanks for sharing your experience but more importantly thanks for being one of the servants in the kingdom. I hope I get the chance to know you and minister with you in the future.

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