Fly. You Must.


Fly. You Must.

These years are

Not enough. There

Is so much I’d hoped

To teach you, to tell

You. And yet,

You will choose

Your teachers and tellers

Now. My place, if it was ever really mine, has

Changed. Instead

Of being

The teacher and the teller,

I am

Now the listener

Who has grown old. But

In my age I have grown

Proud of all you have

Become. Eighteen years and now

You fly. You must.

But visit me

From time to time

And I will learn to

Listen well. And I will

Love you always. These years

Are not enough, and they

Passed by so very fast.



  1. Yup. Teared me right up.

  2. Gayle Fuerst Said:

    Simply beautiful …

  3. Your daughter can be proud of daddy’s love.. Beautiful Poe, Max!

  4. Sam Said:

    Thank you Max for capturing the journey.

  5. Betsy Said:

    I have tears in my eyes…

  6. Monica Said:

    I teared up. So sweet!

  7. Cary Said:

    *reaches for Kleenex* Beautiful, Max!

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