A Season of Silence, And Now We Move On

A Season of Silence, And Now We Move On

I have been passing through a season of silence and have not been posting as I have in the past.  I am grateful for your patience.  Alan Roxburgh said something recently in a lecture, “Disciples are constantly being pushed out into disruptive, confusing spaces that we cannot manage, predict or control. Why does God do that? Because God is God. When we find ourselves in those spaces, we turn to God as God.”  I think that might help you to understand where I have been.  I don’t wish that space on anyone. And yet, God has never been closer than in the moments of my greatest uncertainty. This has been a painful season, and I have spent my time in prayer and fasting at Lord’s feet.  I didn’t think I had anymore illusions about people, but this has been a bitter winter of disillusioning. It has been a time of fire.  And it has been a time of suffering.  And it is over.  And now we move on.  God’s Kingdom is very much alive.


I saw the Kingdom of God last week. When I first met her, she was homeless. And she also had a positivity about her despite her predicament. She and I and another friend used to have breakfast together every couple of weeks during that time. We shared hope and encouragement with one another.  She helped me to remember why I went into ministry. She came to our street ministry and volunteered. Then she came to Despensa and volunteered. She became a huge part of the Despensa team. We worked on job leads and resumes. We laughed because apparently I am not the best resume formatter for the current job market. Thank God, she found someone better! She got herself a job to create an income stream. Then she got out of the shelter and got into an apartment. The income stream allowed her to keep a roof over her head while she worked towards her dream of working in health and nutrition. Soon, she landed an opportunity there, too. We lost her awesome presence at the food pantry because she was working two jobs, and one of them was on the weekends. However, she made time to volunteer to serve at the St. Ben’s meal program with us last week. It was so great to see her. She slipped an envelope in my hand and told me that she wanted to contribute to the mission. She went to work on the food line, and I opened the envelope. In it was enough money to sponsor half of the meal we served that night!! We feed over 300 people! She must have skipped meals and gone without significant things in order to be able to contribute the mission like that. She is what the mission is all about. From subject to object. And she is a humbling example of what sacrificial giving really means. Thank you all for your crazy generosity in sponsoring our missions so that people can be truly transformed!! The Kingdom is alive in her, and through her. And through all of you, as well!


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