Something Happens: 6 Observations on Disciples making Disciples

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Something Happens: 6 Observations on Disciples making Disciples

1)     It seems to be about an invitation.  We see a lot of disciples made. We don’t use fancy discipling programs with three-fold color glossy curriculum. We don’t use video-based tier-one programming with slick marketing and marquee-name speakers.  Programs have never borne fruit in my community.  And we have never been in the position to buy expensive stuff.  And yet, we are seeing fourth generation disciples being made now.  We don’t use the latest techniques.  We don’t use anything that requires a lot of training. We use prayer and fasting and getting in the Word together. And we engage with God’s mission. We change what we do, and it changes what we see and what we think.  We seek the Kingdom with all of our hearts.  Where we find it, we participate in it.  And we invite others to participate with us.  We invite those coming out of the harvest to labor in the harvest with us right from day one. People want to be included in things that make a difference. When we invite our unreached friends into the mission with us, something happens.

2)      “Pray the Lord of the harvest to send more laborers into the harvest…” WITH YOU: When we put a disciple side-by-side with an unreached person, and they are laboring together in a mission that represents the present Kingdom, something happens.  Jesus told his disciples, “When two or three are gathered in my name (or as Jesus would have gathered), I will be among you.”  So…there Jesus is…among us…doing what he did when he was in flesh.  When Jesus is among us, something happens.

3)     People need a new pair of glasses in order to see the Kingdom:  When we tell a Gospel story before we start doing a mission, and we don’t announce that it is a Gospel story, those who have not yet been reached by the Good News of the Kingdom but are laboring with us still end up viewing their participation that day through a Gospel lens. And something happens.

4)     Real Friends.  When we labor next to each other in the mission, we become friends.  I’m not talking about worldly friends who we choose because they can give us some advantage, or because we “like” them. I’m talking about the kind of friendship that forms when people are struggling together in something that is bigger and more important that either one of them.  I am talking about the kind of friendship that involves having each other’s backs.  I’m talking about the kind of friendship that can weather accountability because what you are engaged in together matters. When we start to have those kinds of friendships, something happens.

5)    “Did not our hearts burn within us while he talked to us on the road…?” Experience doesn’t seem to make disciples who make disciples.  But when experience is put together with intentional reflection, something happens.  We have a brief-back after every mission, and we ask people to tell us what they took away from their experience and how it changed them.  When people have the opportunity to both experience and reflect, something happens.

6)      It’s not about us. When we truly don’t care who gets the credit, things grow.  When we can truly give up agendas and the desire for personal accolades and recognition, and work to make sure that others get the credit, things grow. It’s deeper than that, though.  When we don’t care who gets the credit, then it’s not about us.  When it’s not about us, we can put down our masks and just be the flawed and vulnerable humans that we really are.  People are starving for a place to just be wounded and vulnerable, and have that be enough.  If it’s not about us, we don’t have to be in control and we don’t have to be perfect.  If we don’t, neither does anyone else.  Being able to be vulnerable and authentic allows people to grow. When people grow and missions grow and lives are changed right before people’s eyes, something happens.


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