Not sure exactly what to say here, except to say that I am a victim of God’s grace, and follower of Jesus…a seeker of God’s present Kingdom.  And having said all of that, the truth is that I am not sure I really know what all of that means.  I think that mostly I am becoming…just becoming…and, so far, I am cool with that.

25 Random Things about me:
1. The first random thing is that there probably aren’t 25 things about me that are particularly interesting.

2. The most precious things in my life aren’t things.

3. I am married to the most awesome woman in the world.

4. I got a BB gun when I was 13 years old. It was taken away by my dad two hours after I got it for shooting out the street light just outside our den. I thought it was a great shot. Dad did not. This is both truth and a metaphor for the first 26 years of my life.

5. I like to read and write poetry. I read good poetry. I do not write good poetry. I also like cage fighting. I cannot explain the dissonance of that.

6. The first cool song I learned on the guitar was Over the Hills and Far Away by Led Zeppelin. It’s still the only cool song that I know how to play. But I do like to play.

7. My kids are both far better at everything they do than I am…including being people of better character than myself.

8. I struggle a lot in coming to terms with the distance between the world that ought to be and the world that is.

9. Were I to have things my way, which I assure you you are entirely safe from, I would not wear shoes from April through October except to go to church. And if I were to cut my foot on a loose pop top, it would be my fault and problem, and not yours or society’s. AND…there would still be pop-tops.

10. My favorite sounds is the sound of the ocean waves breaking on the shore. My favorite smell is the mixture of pine trees, salt water, sand, and sulfer marsh…none of which can be found within 700 miles of where I live.

11. We built a cabin in the woods that has no phone, no TV, and no internet. It does have indoor plumbing nine months out of the year. It has become my favorite place on earth.

12. We let our dog sleep on the bed with us. He is over 100 pounds, so we got a king-sized bed.

13. I prefer Honda motorcycles.

14. I like to read.

15. I watch TV shows about wild animals, weather, and the paranormal. I believe that the first two are most likely real.

16. I can still recite hundreds of verses from Shakespeare, the Prologue to the Canterbury Tales, the entire creation story from Genesis in Hebrew, and the Gettysburg address all from memory. And I can’t for the life of me remember where I left my keys or my cellphone.

17. I graduated from a prestigious Northern Virginia prep school but I would rather pound nails, pour concrete, and dig ditches than attend a cocktail party and have profound conversation. Nothing against people who prefer cocktail parties.

18. I have been blessed in my life to have incredible friends, and a forgiving family…or is that the other way around.

19. My father was an Episcopal minister and we lived in a rectory. I once threw a party when my parents were out of town and invited 15 close friends to the unauthorized event…over 200 showed up. They were driving golf balls off the front porch of the house into the neighborhood and playing frisbee in the living room. My neighbors were returning my mother’s cups and glasses from their bushes and yards for a month. I did not get away with it. Neither did my dad. And it cost him dearly at church. Ministers are supposed to be flawless in their parenting, right? If PKs suffer for their parents’ profession, and pastor’s for their childrens’ sins, then I definitely got the better part of that deal.

20. I have double-jointed thumbs.

21. I once jumped a bicycle over six garbage cans successfully after numerous painful unsuccessful attempts.

22. I am not a giant, but I have had the unbelievable honor of sharing a foxhole with, and serving our country among, some.

23. My favorite color is Midnight Blue from the Crayola 64 box with the sharpener thingy on it. I have never seen that color exactly duplicated anywhere else.

24. My favorite meal is breakfast. My wife doesn’t cook breakfast. Neither my wife nor my female friends and colleagues see the bitter irony in that.

25. I do not always do or say the right thing. My hope is that tomorrow I will have the inexplicable and unearned opportunity to do and to be better than I did and was today, and that God would afford me the opportunity to make amends to those I harm as I learn to do and be better.

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