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Ben Linder: Child of Wonder -Martyred Clown

Ben Linder: Child of Wonder -Martyred Clown

Compassion is

A whirlwind, swirling up

Hearts and lives like dry leaves;

Carrying you to toil

Here in these fields

Where anguish is

Nurtured from seed.

Connected. Seamless. Some great goodness.


Many of us knew

Your name


Infrastructure, right? Wasn’t

That it? The why part?

Were you running when

Shrapnel and ignorance tore you

To pieces? Peaces;

Your life leaked out on mud and stones.

The hawk, fatuous

Bird of prey, captivated by his own chromatic

Splendor said you were a traitor.  To what cause?

The Biblical child,

Does anyone remember you?

They’re just people

Here.  I can hear

It in my soul as if

It was coming

From yours,

So young.

Did God send you here?

Can you ride your unicycle in heaven, Ben?

Please, I need to know…

(By Max Ramsey    January 31, 1997)