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A soot-black fog

Creeping, enfolding, closing in on an already graying sky,

Hate gained a body and cut its way

Into hallways, headlines…and lifelines…and so much more.

Are you taking your name off of us, Lord?

Have we so let you down?

Signs of the times…the in-between times;

Is this the world’s last gasp, mocking demons

Rushing to the barricades

In bitter rebellion against you?

Or is it just another gasp?

Cain found a way out of Nod,

Enraged and blaming and armed with rifle rounds.

“And he killed him”…them. The world rages and spits

And fires bullets into tiny children…its own image spilling out in pools


The tile and grout.  Seeking what? What does Cain want?

To stop

You? Has Herod set his minions loose upon us

Again in this Advent, killing our children to get at yours?

I had hoped

That ours were yours. Have you taken your name off of us?

Did you then?

Choked out through tears, your own murdered child’s plea

Barely can be heard

Among the wails of shattered mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters… and dreams

Echoing from Ramallah to Newtown,

“On earth as it is in heaven.”